Monday, August 18, 2014

super moon in La Conner

pastel, 11x12- above and below- two version, different methods
Saturday night was the super moon. Even though I had to pack and clean my little apartment (I was departed La Conner early the next morning) I couldn't resist making a sketch (below) and stuffing it in my sketchbook. Now back home, in the studio, I made 2 -11"x12" paintings from it.
5x6 pastel

I am working in a slightly different method. Richard suggested a light application of gesso on my paper.The different versions use the gesso at different times.


Birdie said...

Both, and the study, are beautiful and I really like the airy surface you've achieved, it's as if I can look through the painting, if you know what I mean?!

I'm intrigued both with how you liked the surface (I've been reacquainting myself with pastels lately but so far I do not get on with a guessed surface) and at which stages you applied it, if you are happy to share, that is?

loriann signori said...

A gessoed surface is bumpy and needs some smoothing down, in my option. The study on the bottom was gessoed first and the two others were gessoed after some pastel was applied.

Birdie said...

Thanks for that, Loriann. Yes, bumpy is the word!