Monday, September 29, 2014

be willing to sacrifice

I was taught that the most difficult decisions are between two good things. Thus when you are painting you have to always be willing to sacrifice.  Nothing is precious. So what if one passage in the paintings is beautiful. Does the whole painting work? Are you tip-toeing around to keep one piece?
The answer was yes....tiptoeing and going nowhere!
Now the painting has changed incredibly so in search of that feel I want. I was tormented by this painting. It has been 4.5 months of frustration. Finally, I sanded it down and then ..... I threw paint at it. I mixed up a color that I would usually not choose from my more neutral earth colors.
"So there, you nasty painting!" I thought when I stuck it to the painting.
Next, in a frenzy, I scrubbed a ton more paint on it.  After a few hours of scrubbing I felt better and so did the painting!
Sacrifice the good for hope of great.

I have learned that when I paint a specific place with intention of making that specific place I get tied up in knots.

Anyone else have similar stories?


Sarah said...

I love the mood and atmosphere, slightly melancholic in a good way.

And yes, if I start out to make anything with a plan it turns into a frustrating struggle. I still try on occasion, of course, cause I'm human ;) but if I can just surrender to what the piece needs it's a much less fraught journey.

Donna T said...

How can a painting with so few shapes have such an emotional impact? This one was worth fighting for (or with),Loriann. It may not be specific to any particular place but I can sure identify with it!

Lauren James said...

Well the struggle was worth it! Another beautiful painting :)

loriann signori said...

Thank you Lauren, Donna and Sarah,
The palette is so unlike my normal choices. I like your descriptions of moody and melancholic. I am happy to hear ti has an emotional impact...maybe that happens when so much turmoil is part of it. Thanks for your kind words, I think we all have been there through the struggle!

Leah said...

I like the wispy feel of it. You really captured the way of fog. Do you know the Carl Sandburg Poem?
"The fog comes
on little cat feet..."

loriann signori said...

oh yes! i know that poem... i like the imagery. when i neutralized the color on this when it felt like whispering...similar?