Monday, October 6, 2014

pastel with texture

10x10 pastel
I have many of these studies, just trying to see the possibilities of texture add to pastel. Each has a different paper and the texture was added at different times of the process. The texture is gesso with marble dust, or just gesso or one of the many pastel grounds, thinned. There is no perfect way, each yields a different response. I will post them this week.

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Brigitte neijs said...

Dear Loriann,

I follow your work from Spain and your comments help me a great deal in my on research. I ma even teaching my two small grandsons the underpainting technique which i learned from you !
If you feel like you are most welcome in my house in the middle of the wines near Barcelone. My area is named Priorat. Still wild and untouched nature.....
I love and admire your work and thank you for sharing !