Monday, March 9, 2015

Interpretive painter? what do you think?

24x24 oil on wood
I was delighted that Judson's Art Outfitters choose to write about me on their blog! Last year, in Sedona, I met Carl Judson when he honored me with the Alcantara Paint Out Award. Carl is an avid plein painter himself and travels all over to different plein air events, so it means a lot that he chose my work.  Thanks Carl!

I found it interesting that I was labeled an "interpretive plein air painter" in the article about my work. Here's the Link. It's funny, I do realize, when I am at the plein air competitions, that my work does not look like the other work. I don't intentionally try to make this happen. Yet, I have always felt I was distilling and seeking the essence of the landscape. I guess that is interpreting.
When on location I try to feel my place, thus I prefer to be a "frequent flyer" and simply return to the same places time and time again.  I guess it is not really about the place. Or the place is so well known to me I can discard the "place" and paint. Does that make sense? Maybe I am an odd match for plein air competitions, but I just LOVE to paint on location (as well as in the studio.) What do you think? How do you see/paint?


Donna T said...

I would definitely call you an interpretive painter, Loriann. You have the gift of being able to combine seeing with feeling. Your work always inspires me to look beyond the obvious for ways to use color effectively; purple trees and pink fields may not look real to some but to me they sing.

Catharina Engberg said...


Elizabeth Merchant said...

What a powerful interpretative and emotional piece. It grabs the buyer by the collar and won't let go. love it.

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna, That's a really nice way to put it! Thank you!!!!

Thanks Catharina!

Wow! Thanks Elizabeth! I sure hope it does!