Monday, March 16, 2015

Rothko trees and upcoming show

oil on linen 36x36
I am finishing my paintings for the upcoming show at Gallery B in Bethesda. It will be up April 1-25th.  I will have my easel set up at the gallery and working there Wednesday through Saturday 12-6. There will a couple of free classes as well. Sign up for my newsletter and I will be sending out the specifics soon. (Link for my website.) Or, of course, you can email me and I will snail mail the show postcard.
The inspiration for this painting was a plein air painting I did this autumn. Patience and glazed layers was the way this one was created. I want to do the same layered opalescence. It's funny, my wonderful framer Bosco said to me that I was continually changing in this body of work. The only thing I could think was I kept seeking the best way to "feel." I'll still keep looking.

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Jeanette Jobson said...

What delicious colour! Love it. Sometimes paintings just have minds of their own and will take you where they want to go.

Good luck with the show