Monday, May 18, 2015

going beyond what is there

48x42 oil
plein air piece, pastel with watercolor underpainting 8x8

There is no need to hunt for different locations from which to paint. Just think of Monet. Nesting in to a favorite location and knowing that place like your best friend will always be to your advantage. Let me list the reasons why.
1.You no longer are painting things. Instead you can fully involve yourself in art making.
2. When you see the same place day after day you become far more sensitive to its color changes.
3. Since you are no longer painting things, instead you paint shapes you feel freer to move them.
4. When a place is ingrained in your head you no longer even need to be there. This is a location I have painted on location and in the studio for about 12 years. I will never exhaust its possibilities.
Above (top) is a studio piece done without reference..of course, except the information stored in my head.
Above (under) is a recent plein air piece. One of my many morning vitamins, it's not meant for selling, just information gathering.


Martin Dimitrov said...

Absolutely agree :)

Jean Spitzer said...

Lovely paintings.

I find similar benefits in my drawings of figures,

loriann signori said...

Thanks Martin and Jean! i am sure it rings true in all choices of "subject."