Saturday, May 30, 2015

Heilman box- tiny and wonderful!

Ooh la la, am I excited! I just received my new Heilman box in the mail! I keep going smaller with every box I buy. About 12 years ago I bought the medium box. Rather large in size it serves best in the studio. Next I moved to the backpack box, which I must admit I have 2. Each one has a different selection of brands of pastels. Now today I am the proud owner of the double sketchbox. Only 7.25x9.5x2.85. it's tiny and weighs under 5 pounds fully loaded. I placed the roll of masking tape to give you a reference point.
Last year when I saw Richard McKinley I noticed he had one. He filled it with his two Girault sets- 50 plein air and 50 neutral and friends. (of course the sticks were divided in half.) The rest of the space is filled with some of my other faves, Diane Townsend Terrages and a couple of Rembrandt's and Great Americans.
I am off to Mountain Maryland Plein Air for next week and am excited about my new box.  Since I am driving there I am bringing both backpack and sketchbox. I will let you know which is chosen and why when I return next week.
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Christine Troyer said...

Excited to hear how it goes!

loriann signori said...

I will be sure to let you know Steenie!