Monday, October 30, 2017

packing for my residency at Brush Creek

pastel from memory, a place I have painted 500+ times

There is nothing better for an artist than time and space to think solely about his/her art. In the 21st century is a a difficult think to find/or make.
I was fortunate to be awarded a residency by Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts. They have an amazing ranch in Wyoming where they offers time and space for artistic exploration through immersion in the extraordinary beauty of the West. 
Writers, visual artists, performance artists, musicians and composers are the residents who are at liberty to structure their own time and activity while on a creative retreat.
Amazing, eh?!
I will be there in November till right before Thanksgiving. Right now I am packing my boxes and readying my boards. When I return I will post photos and stories so stay tuned.

BTW   I have a solo show coming up at Gallery B in Bethesda Maryland. Mark your calendar. The opening is December 8th, Friday 6-8 pm. It runs from December 5-30th. Hope to see you there. Toodles for now.


Corinne said...

What a wonderful opportunity for you! Enjoy the change of scenery and pace. Also, hope your show is successful.

Mitch said...

I've followed your blog for several years, love your work, but now I'm really envious of your trip to Wyoming. This looks like a fantastic ranch with amazing scenery. I look forward to seeing the work that comes out of your stay there. Hope you get there before the snow changes everything.

loriann signori said...

Thanks Corinne! I can't wait.

Thanks for following my blog Mitch! As for snow, it is already falling in Wyoming! What a change from DC where tomorrow will be 70! Paint on....

Cary Meshul said...

Beautiful balanced compositions. Really impressive understanding of color. Love the Millet quote. Keep up the good fight, continuing the great tradition of American landscape painting. I really like your work. Good luck.

Cary Meshul