Monday, October 23, 2017

Important tools when working

3x8 on copper
Teaching is something I really enjoy. There are a couple tools that my students find most helpful.
First is the "instant check list." That is a list of the 6 major contrasts to consider in a painting.

1 Light and Dark
2. Cool and Warm
3. Shape- large and small
4. line and mass
5. Saturated and muted
6. Edges -sharp and soft

Place this list near your painting and think about how you check them off. When you run into problems it's usually one of the six offenders.

Nothing beats making a small black and white sketch in your sketchbook before making a painting stroke. Light and dark and shape will be addressed right there. While doing that take the time to write some notes about color and feeling.

4x6 on gold leaf
Painting to me is all about exploration and wonder. I wonder what will happen if I do.....  These two paintings are on metal. one on copper and one on gold leaf. Why you ask? Why not?
Enjoy your own personal journey.


David Johns said...

Hi Loriann. Enjoy your work so much.
Would you explain a little about how you apply pastel or prepare the copper and gold leaf before applying pastel.
Thank you. David Johns

loriann signori said...

Hi David,

Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing with copper. With the gold leaf I just adhere it to its support and coat it with clear gesso. Later I sprinkle with marble dust. This journey is about discovery and I'm learning.