Friday, June 29, 2018

sanibel thoughts

 Maybe because it's summer and I am thinking of the beach.... that's why I have taken out my Sanibel smalls and sketches from my trip this spring. Normally I only work with the places I know inside out. I am going to make an exception since I see Sanibel in my head when I am here in my studio. I am fascinated by the way palm trees have a kind of lace work that my Mid Atlantic trees lack.
More sketches and studies will evolve and I will see where it takes me.

Advice to self:

Follow organic developments.
Veer away from the obvious.
Look to yourself.
Avoid falling into stylistic rote.
Hone your tendencies and allow your flare to show.
Don’t worry about finishing uninteresting things,
but bring promising stuff to completion.
Hang your best work in your studio for a second look.
Make the work you’ve always fantasized about.

Postpone extensive external feedback.

I read something like this once. I wrote it down and adapted in my words. i wish i could remember where I found it so I could give credit.


carolyn caldwell said...

Loriann, these were just reposted recently by Robert Genn in The Painter's Keys newsletter. Very much worth writing down and hanging in our studios! So nice talking with you yesterday!

loriann signori said...

Thanks Carolyn! I write things down and later when I see them in my sketchbook I forget from where they came! It was really nice to talk with you as well. I hope we are able to meet again soon.