Tuesday, June 19, 2018

soul journey

pastel 20x20
As I continue working with the many ideas from Josef Albers, it feels like my eyes have been opened to possibilities I never thought possible. I feel more sensitive to the interaction between adjoining colors. Therefore I decided to add a painted frame. It allows me to do more with less. My favorite locations figure strongly in my new studies. Since when they are the muse there is no unnecessary thinking about making a place- it simply is, without effort. All the effort can go into the color vibration and melting.

 Below please see the before painting... simply not exciting.
Homage to the square glow, Josef Albers
Now more about Josef Albers:

Josef Albers investigation into color was done by using minimal means -paint straight from the tube. He applied it meticulously with a palette knife. His focused selection of colors took him through a journey, a serial investigation into rhythm, mood and spatial movement.

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