Friday, December 21, 2018

the agile mind

I just finished reading the new Leonardo book written by Walter Isaacson. Loved it! The stories and the insights, I loved it all.This reading dove-tailed (in thought) nicely into the new article in Start-up- The single most important habit nobody taught you. 
What do you think that habit is?
Be flexible. Allow your mind to be elastic and forever be changing. Question and wonder. Realize you don't really know and things change. That was Leonardo.

How do you develop an agile mind?
"The good news is flexible thinking skills can be taught.
For those wishing to tap into elastic thinking, Mlodinow suggests carving out time for daydreaming, talking to people outside your social circle, absorbing great art out of your comfort zone, listening to ideas or concepts you actively disagree with before disregarding them.
Always try to look at everything from more than one angle.
Change the context or your environment and you’ll feel your mind shift.
Take a walk. Take a coffee break.
Exercise offers another great mental boost.
The more you can challenge yourself to be spontaneous and allow for some new experiences, the easier it will be to integrate flexibility into your everyday life!
Mental flexibility is aided by novelty, and that contributes to brain growth and development throughout a lifetime.
The next time you encounter the stress of change, remember that you can adapt to thrive and become indispensable in the ever-changing world.
Remember, flexibility is a choice and with practice, you will be making moves you never thought possible."

This is an artist's mindset. Always looking and questioning. Leonardo would carry paintings with him for years and years, never giving them to the patron who commissioned them. Why? Because he could always learn more and be better. 

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