Saturday, June 19, 2010

value and cooking

 5 x15 (i think) pastel and watercolor on Uart

Value..ah the value of value. When you are aware of value relationships the whole world of color is at your beckon call. If you are true to the value relationships you can choose the color you want for harmony and feeling. How does one make a hot, steamy morning? Color choice.
It's funny, yesterday I cleaned out a studio I had been renting. I had been there for years. Old paintings from 25 years ago were still stored there. Looking back I noticed some successes (rare) and many "dogs." You probably wonder what do these "dogs" have in common????? Easy. I did not realize the power I had as an artist. The values were correct but the color wasn't chosen. I struggled with  just seeing. Now I realize it it's like cooking:
2 cups seeing
stir in 1 1/2 cups feeling
when the bubbles rise, sprinkle liberally with harmony
And then drizzle with insight.
Some dishes work better than others. Some funky inspirations (like that wild pizza I made last night) can surprise you. Relish it all. Cooking and painting are inspiration.

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Caroline Simmill said...

Hi Loriann I am hiring a studio for a week by the sea only half an hour from my home. I spent most of the morning thinking along the same lines as you. I wanted to explore new colours and did some colour tests and made a note of the new colours I am using on one of the paintings. So yes the cooking bit is so important, I agree with everything you are saying!

loriann signori said...

Sounds great Caroline, a studio by the sea..hmmmm good. Can't wait to see some of your process!

Sally Veach said...

Thanks Loriann. I think I am just confused about what I want to accomplish in a plein air. I see the scene in it's reality, so then I want to somehow try to paint the those colors, but then enhance it some, but then I'm not using the colors in the scene anymore, so then I'm going back to the scene to try to get the colors right. And the whole thing is a mess. Oh can only get better I suppose. Thanks again....

Donna T said...

There's a lot to like in this painting: colors, interesting format and atmosphere. Nice! Thanks for the recipe. I need to stop holding back on the feeling. It's cheap and readily available!

loriann signori said...

Hi Sally,
I know you are very competent in the studio and this is where you feel most comfortable. First what is driving you to plein air? WHat do you want to accomplish? If painting is like cooking...simplify right now, Maybe go outdoors and do value studies/paintings till you feel comfortable with working with the constant changing that happens in plein air... start with a simpler recipe. And it's just fine to be a studio painter, if that is what you want. One is not better than the other.
till later, Loriann
PS And yes it will get better...practice, practice,

Hi Donna!
How was your barnstorming day? As for feeling, it's good stuff!

Astrid Volquardsen said...

Loriann, this is probably one of the nicest comparisons I have read about painting. And it's so true.I think I will do a printout and put it on my studio wall.

loriann signori said...

Wow! Thanks Astrid!!!