Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21, 2008 Richard's Secret

9x10, pastel and watercolor on board
Painters are always looking for "the secret." How does he/she do it? What's his/her secret? Well Richard generously spilled the beans. So if there is "a secret" this is it..... are you listening..? Value, color contrast, edges and of course, simultaneous contrast. I tried to use all of these and keep at least half of my under-painting. Thank you Richard!
This is my field. The day was warmer and beautiful. A man from Washington state came to mow my field. (fire hazard) I talked him into going to do another field and to come back Wednesday after I need to go back home. Thank you Mr Hardcastle.


L1 said...

I'm stuck in the foreground in this one. Did you know there's a fairie there?... on the left. It's hard to move my eyes into the painting because they keep wanting to look at the green and figure out what it is. Then when make myself look at the rest of the painting I notice that there are faces in the big tree. No, I'm not on medication.
Glad you talked the mower into moving on so you could spend one more day with "your field".

Loriann Signori said...

A fairie...I guess you never know what sneaks in. Thanks for all of your comments!