Thursday, June 25, 2009

Asters and Clover, Over and Over

about 10x10 pastel and watercolor on Uart paper
my set-up by the side of Route 33
The challenge with fields is in creating space, depth without structures. The indicators for this: temperature and color, size (larger mass in front), and stroke size. I love wild, untended fields.
After I finished this painting I left to get something to eat. Upon my return I noticed half of the field was missing! Even in the country the mowers are out working! Arrrrrgh. I guess I have to look for a new field.


Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Wow. This is a winner. It's so interesting (well, to me anyway) to try to determine what makes a particular painting "grab me". The openness of fields, definitely. In that they are akin to water. They offer freedom from things hanging over my head. Huh. And then your color choices are so elegant on this one. Be thankful for the mowers. It doesn't take long for an unmowed field to become scrub, then woods... with things hanging over our heads.

Karen said...

It's so interesting to see your photo of the scene too. I so much admire your ability to do exactly what you said is so difficult, the distance without relying on structures. Because when I look at your photo it's so easy to get lost in that space, and the idea of where to start? I like that you're always able to find anchor points, even as small as one mark, as you said.
Too funny about the mowers! Were there cars racing by behind you too?

Jala Pfaff said...

I must apologize--I am being SO entertained by hearing about all your plein air adventures!!! :D "Half the field was missing." Hahahahaha!

loriann said...

Hi Dale,
I didn't know that about fields and fact I never really understood why they did it!
I never made your connection between the similarity of fields and water in quite that same way. It's interesting. Have you ever considered why you paint what you do?

Yup Karen, the cars were racing behind me. The trucks go so fast sometimes that I have to hold onto my easel! Thanks for your compliments and insights.

Hi Jala! I am delighted that I entertain you! I DO love plein air painting and all the adventures that come with it.