Sunday, February 28, 2010

more experimentation with monotypes

Recently I asked an artist, whose monotypes I admire, what materials she used. She was gracious, although she didn't want to give information, her reply was to experiment. So here I am experimenting. But I will share my findings and you may make your own conclusions.
I tried Rives BFK and a mulbery block print paper (made by Black Ink). I found it best to spray lightly with water before printing. My printing tools were the tried and true brayer and wooden spoon. The consistent piece in all of these is that they were created on a copper plate.
Every artist has different feelings about the special methods that make things "my way." My feelings are to share, I don't own the information and if I can help another artist, great. My work is hopefully special not because of my methods, but because of the feeling that goes in them.
from left to right, top to bottom
1.paint, ink, liquin, on mulberry
2.paint, ink, BFK
3. paint, ink, BFK
4. paint ink, liquin, BFK, liquin, mulberry, liquin, BFK

While these monotypes are not very exciting, they are experimentation. I will post more explorations on Tuesday. In the next ones I feel I start to comprehend my methods. New ways and pastel added... stay tuned;-)


Casey Klahn said...

Very cool, and experimental. I think #3 has your "look," if you will.

Did the Rives absorb more or better than the mulberry?

I wish I were in this experimental phase. I'm thinking about going to the basement to make some pastel sticks, though. Thanks for the inspiration!

loriann said...

Hi Casey,
The Rives seemed to keep the ink/paint more on the surface and show more brush strokes than the mulberry. It takes a lot more ink! The work I will post on Tuesday has even more of "my look" as I near my comfort zone with some of the materials. I have so much more to do!
Don't you think experimentation is something from which we ebb and flow? I think my need to grapple with oil, edges and intensity has prompted this new exploration. Have fun making you new pastels. I am envious, that is such a sensuous job...mixing and rolling all that luxurious pigment... makes my senses go nuts! I'm sure it may have a similar affect on my friend "the colorist." Enjoy your Sunday!

Double "D" said...

ummmmmmmmmmmm, these are very cool.
you sure know how to get those juices flowing.

reminds me of art school. we were supposed to be doing large wood cuts. hah. we turned that into squirting ink onto old pieces of barn wood and laying old window shades as the paper on top.
the best part was dropping heavy chunks of iron from about 8 feet onto the paper as our press or wooden spoon in your case. that was fun, just blasting ideas off the wall with other students. archival, definitely not. sophisticated, no. hi energy creatvity...thats a big 10-4!