Friday, April 30, 2010

field and realizations

9x12 pastel/watercolor on marble dust
While I was preparing paintings for the show I found this one in my flat files. I am glad I didn't throw it away. It reminded me why I like a rough surface sometimes. This is marble dust and gesso on gator board, watercolor on top..then pastel.
I worked a little more on it and might be enough. How much do you need?
During this time of preparation I have come to a realization. Sometimes it's really good to examine all your work. More about the realization tomorrow.
Now I continue on my studio piece and more readiness.


Double "D" said...

Yeah, I like this one a lot! I'm glad you didn't throw it away either and it's enough ... I need nothing more.
Terrific colors and techniques on an unusual surface.

I agree with you on examining all your work. For me, it turns on lots of old light bulbs that need to be lit and explored.

Happy painting,

Janelle Goodwin said...

Good point, Loriann. What a great idea to examine all past work. I might even be inspired to do a new painting from an old one, using different techniques. I love the bold, yet sumptuous, expressive quality of this painting!

Casey Klahn said...

I'm glad you posted this. I just made my first attempt at gesso/pumice ground over museum board support. The grit in the gesso gel I used was heavy, and I guess I want light. I also added pumice straight from the bag. Hello.

I want to try the electric sander on that baby to see if it will become just right.

loriann said...

Hi PB, Thank you and you are so right. It's funny how we just keep plodding along and then- whoomp if you stop and look and think it's right there in front of your face. At least for me!

Hi Janelle,
Have you done new paintings from old ones? I am not quite sure I know what you that different than using it as a study? Thanks for your input!
Hi Casey, Yep, sand it down. I am starting to use sandpaper in everything..from sanding a pastel surface till its velvety to sanding oil paint to get a surface of take off undesired parts. Three cheers for sand paper!
Another point marble dust is softer than pumice. I like t better.

Jala Pfaff said...

This is very nice.
Ready to hear about "examining one's work," when you feel like talking about it more.