Saturday, May 1, 2010

sunset on may 1st

about 7x7 pastel on paper
Early morning is my favorite time to plein air paint. It's a way of starting my day off right. Today I slept in, something I do about once a year. Thus, I was out at the lake at sunset. Nice to have a change. Sunset is QUICK. The watercolor underpainting recorded my information so I was able to paint as it became dark. I am using a piece of paper my friend Donna Timms gave me to try. She prepares her own on a high rag paper. It was really nice with a little tooth. Donna is a wonderful artist who creates soft, sensitive pastels. She prefers not to have a blog so I can't share her work. Thanks for the paper Donna!


Donna T said...

Oh wow, to think that the little scrap of paper I sent has that beautiful painting on it! I have never been able to capture a sunset. It's dark by the time I find my pastels!

p.s. I might be able to have a blog if I didn't spend so much time reading and enjoying everyone else's!

loriann said...

Hi Donna..I can't believe you about the sunsets...I do know your pastels! Thank you so much for sharing your paper with me! If I remember correctly it was 3oo weight rag paper with pumice gel on it....and you sand it...right? Mounted first of after you put the gel on it?

Donna T said...

Loriann, I sent you 300lb hot-pressed watercolor paper with one layer of pumice gel. I don't mount this paper as it hardly warps at all when it's wet. I tape it my board and it's good to go. Also, it's much easier to crop later if it's not mounted. I didn't sand your batch because I think I must have diluted the gel more than usual. I will try another batch like that but it's hard to get it exactly the same (I should measure!) The little piece of UArt was mounted to museum board.