Thursday, April 29, 2010

process and the robin family

12x12 oil on panel
I am posting process photos right now since I am balancing my time between show prep/ working on bigger paintings/ teaching / plein air and life. (Do I sound a little stressed? oops sorry))
This is the second layer of oil that was painted into a couch of linseed and OMS on top of the grisaille I posted yesterday. Before placing down the couch I had rubbed in a layer of paint (on the grisaille) to get an idea of color and value. As you might be able to tell- my goal was warm unity. Cooler areas will come on top later.  (restraint)
I actually make this plan last week and the grisaille was painted then. I am waiting till I can fully visualize the concept before laying in color. It all began with the plein air work from last week, but I have planned changes and it will not duplicate the plein air work. I like working with a couch. It  creates a slippery feel on the panel and the paints just glide.
Here is a photo of my palette. I am working for color harmony and pre-mixing all my color. It feels good to slow down and just enjoy mixing the color.
On another note...the robins are hatching. The Mama robin flies away the minute I come outside so I am trying to refrain from watching all the time and taking photos.
toodles till later!


Jala Pfaff said...

Looking great.

Oh, the vulnerability of a baby bird!!

Caroline said...

Your painting is coming along beautifully. What colours did you use for the grisaille, I know you recently mentioned using a warm tone?

Donna T said...

This painting is going to be a knockout so it's a good thing you are taking your time. I love the transparent areas; they really add to the sense of depth in the trees!

loriann said...

Hi Jala, Caroline and Donna,
First I am sorry for the late response. I have been busy!
Thank you everyone for your thoughts.
Jala- that baby bird is scares me every day, just knowing what it faces.
Caroline- in the grisaille I used transparent red oxide and a tiny bit of ultramarine blue in one section.
Donna,I am hoping this painting works out as I see it in my head. I am trying to keep more transparent. Till later!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

We were fortunate to see our baby robins fledge from the nest one time. Magical and look at that precious little creature.
I enjoy reading about your process.

loriann said...

Hi Mary, Only one of my precious little birds made it from the nest. One egg never hatched and the other one just didn't make it. Seems like it is a very rough life.
Glad that you enjoyed reading about my process. I really appreciate that you took the time to scroll through my posts. Thanks!