Sunday, June 27, 2010

back to cooking- similarities and one BIG difference

8x8 pastel on twinrocker
Back to cooking. 
I keep thinking about its comparisons to painting. As I see it:
1. You need a plan
2. you can't let the plan ruin you.
3. so much of it is about improvisation and feeling
4. You have to know the basics before really cooking. So first you learn to cook, you can be school taught or self taught. You follow "recipes" so you know what works and what doesn't. Then, armed with the information you take off and create your own with vision. Some are good, some are bad, on occasion you hit a great one.

I would say that the biggest difference is that when you cook, you really cook for others (at least I do.) When you paint you really aren't painting for others you are painting because you have to and all the oooooohs and ahhhhhs don't mean a thing if you know that painting is not what you wanted and the painting ran amuck.

This one I like. The feel is right. The surface is appealing. 
Some times you feel like a nut sometimes you don't.

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