Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mystery is the key

9x12 pastel and watercolor on Uart
Put in your paintings only what is essential...allow the viewer to become involved. Mystery. This is my painting. Below are Richard's beautiful painting and underpainting.
No wonder Richard is being inducted into the Masters. To watch him painting is AMAZING!

When I attend Richard's workshop each year I now realize there is a pattern. I take in so much information that the second and third day's paintings are awful . I am wrestling with the concepts he has (re) presented to me. By the fourth day, the day the participants get to go off on their own to consolidate their information and paint, it starts to come back together. Today is that day. The paintings above were yesterdays. I will post one of today's paintings tomorrow.  I am now starting to feel better. ....like I get something big. Wait till tomorrow...I will write then!!!!!


B Boylan said...

Gosh Lorianne, If I was there I'd feel so overwhelmed by now, I'd have to go get a martini! Thanks so much for posting your progress...I've been watching from my chair glued to my monitor to see what comes next! Oh, and nice "mystery" you've created here!

Donna T said...

I like your mystery too, Loriann - what's in those dark shadowed areas? I definitely think you "get it" and thanks very much for sharing so much!

loriann said...

Thanks Donna and Brenda....the learning stretching curve is humongous!

Sara Mathewson said...

Oh, i am so jealous but living vicariously through you!

I hope to someday be able to take a workshop with Richard McKinley.

Your work has always in some ways reminded me of his, with your own spin of course.


loriann said...

Hi Sara! Yep, Richard's workshops are definitely the best. Each time I am here I feel I hear his words in new ways and I grow. He is a teacher who does not say...watch me and learn. He can articulate all of his concepts, theory and technique. The workshop set-up in Dakota is the best too. 3 days instruction, 3 days processing and three days resolve in the studio.
Time for bed now! toodles!

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

Looks like you're having a great and busy time.
I really like the piece you've posted here. Richard has a nice style and craftsmanship but I think that you are much more adventurous with your colors and the mystery created. Paint on B.

SamArtDog said...

I'm trying to follow along in my studio with my own underpainting-->painting. I can certainly tell I'm a thousand miles away, but your posts help give me direction when the wheels come off.

Casey Klahn said...

I really responded to this image - I knew you'd made it but it looks like a different artist. To me that means you're doing your job as a student!

I wouldn't put it down - I think it's great!

loriann said...

Hi PB,
Mystery, ah, mystery...I am trying to learn to hold back...oh! but it is sooooooooo hard!

Hi Sam,
When I have more time I will check into your blog and see what you have been up to.....I can't wait to see!!!! Are you posting the underpaintings too?

Hi Casey!
Learning to hold back is hard...on another day pre-workshop I would have kept going...the underpainting would have been similiar but I would have flogged it. I will keep working at STOPPING.