Saturday, October 23, 2010

halo of light, plein air pastel

pastel on somerset paper, about 7x10
This is another pastel that I did last night. The sun was getting low and hot air balloons were streaming by me. Could I ask for more? Nope.
Before beginning this painting, the main question I asked myself was, What about this scene affected me most? The answer: It was the way the very dark shadow and its refection  played off that light halo of pink and gold behind it. That GLOW. I also liked the  way the trees went light to dark in the main mass.
To keep to my main idea,  I would make a mark and ask...did that help or take away? Every 10 minutes or so I took a photo of my painting. That may help me later. We will see.
Check out Kay's work here.
And I will go to class. tata.....


helen said...

Your work is do dreamlike - like it very much - wonderful colors.

loriann said...

Thank you Helen! I really appreciate your comment. Thanks for stopping by!

Gregory Becker said...

This is wonderful. Your color interpretations are powerful.

loriann said...

Thanks so much Gregory....I need to go over to your site and check out what you have been up to!