Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a new treasure

New York Central Art Supply has a little treasure.... a spiral bought sketchbook filled with the beautiful Somerset paper I love. Somerset paper is 100% cotton with a slightly rough surface. It blends pastels beautifully.  Only New York Central Art Supply makes these little sketchbooks. Ask for a Wolf Kahn Pastel Somerset spiral sketch book. They are great for my small memory sketches. Think of it, a sketchbook with great paper!


Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
What a beautiful ethereal sketch! Thanks for the tip on the Somerset sketch book. I called New York Central and ordered their paper catalog. Many many years ago I went to New York Central with an artist that I was studying with. What I remember is the counter and behind that all those flat files filled with different papers-"catnip"for artists.


Janelle Goodwin said...

The possibilities are endless with a new sketchbook. Perfect for your memory work. Have fun, Loriann!

loriann said...

Hi NJ,
Yes the selection of papers at the NYSAS is amazing...it's hard to choose with so many incredible choices. I was there in December and I was frozen. I bought mostly somerset and a couple of other "possibilities. This little sketchbook was my fave. Tiny and with perfect paper. Yum! Enjoy your catalog!
PS catnip..heehee

Hi Janelle,
The new sketchbook is so perfectly tiny and with my favorite paper. I was thrilled when I found it! I am sure we all have these treasures. I wanted to share it with my blogger friends.

Caroline said...

Is it ok for you to use pastels? Does the doctor say it is ok? you could draw with graphite pencils too. It looks a lovely wee sketch book Loriann, take care.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I just ordered some Somerset from Daniel Smith (on your recommendation) but I haven't used it yet. Soon. Then I can join you in drooling over the sketchbooks! I'm using Aquabee because they seem to handle the watercolor well and the pages are thick enough that I can use both sides with black pen and have no bleed through. But, always ready to try something new!

Donna T said...

Something new to add to my wish list - thanks Loriann! I have been taping pieces of Rives BFK into a sketchbook because I just can't stand to work on regular paper. Yesterday I tried out your method of erasing to do thumbnails. I need much more practice but it was very helpful. I hope to be able to come home with useful sketches - masses in correct values - instead of a bunch of lines that are never helpful. Thanks for sharing the idea!

loriann said...

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for asking. Now that I bought my humongous artists air filter I am much safer indoors. As for the sketchbook. I was thrilled that it had my favorite paper!

Hi Kvan,
You bought some somerset, yay! Keep in mine that watercolor underpaintings are not its strength. Instead a quick pastel underpainting is possible. I LOVE the stuff! Is the Aquabee smooth or rough?

Hi Donna,
Just call and get a small one now..you will love it..no more taping.
PS Glad you like the erasing method!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Smooth. I've used graphite, pen and wash, watercolor and ink, and charcoal on it. But no pastel! Thanks for the tips about Somerset!

Brian McGurgan said...

Thanks for the information about this sketchbook. Do you spray fixative on the pastel afterwards to keep it from making a dust cloud whenever you open or close the book? It doesn't have glassine inserts between the pages, does it?

loriann said...

You are welcome Kvan!

Hi Brian, Yes I use a little spray fixative. I may even place small sheets of tracing paper between if necessary...tracing paper works and is much cheaper than glassine. I think you will like the sketchbook. Let me know!

Sara Mathewson said...

I think I need to order one of these sketchbooks. I just ordered my first somerset paper but haven't received it yet. that and Rives BFK. Jerry's had a 20% off orders over a certain amount so I went for it. I've been wanting to try both of these papers for a long time. this sketchbook sounds really nice.
Do you wear a mask when you paint with pastels? I have one to wear but often forget. i have had bronchitis and asthma with it for about 2 months straight now so should use it! I do have an air cleaner but not an "Artist's Air" i am so glad you were able to get one of those!


loriann said...

I will say I have learned that health is one thing that I will never take for granted. If you have compromised lungs already, do what you can in your power to protect them. Money doesn't matter..health does. I now use my Artists Art purifier for both pastel and oil and when I know I am using a lot of pastel my totobobo mask as well. I never want to repeat what I endured recently. .... and I wouldn't want it to happen to you. You may email me if you want to talk more, OK? Take care.