Saturday, September 11, 2010

"glow" underpainting

I have never been able to create the glow I desire with  a traditional underpainting. So I continue to search for the way that will work for me. The underpainting on the left has been painted with an assortment of colors (cad yellow, alizarin, ultramarine blue, white and sap green)-leaning warm. On the right is the underpainting I posted yesterday with transparent earth yellow rubbed in.
These last three underpaintings were created  of places I know deep down inside of me, I can see them in my sleep. No handshakes this time.
One thing is constant, they are all on gator board, with gesso and sometimes marble dust. Uncertainty is something I relish. Sometimes I think I paint just to amaze me.


Double "D" said...

You feeling OK B?
I suppose you're busy with school stuff.
Your experiments are thought provoking.
Take care my friend.

Caroline said...

Gosh I love that painting with the blues it looks just like a Turner. The light really is just shining through as if you laid transparent colour in very fine layers to create that blue mist effect.

loriann said...

Hi PB, thanks for your concern. This has been an insane week. ....but at least Paul and I got away to the beach for the weekend. It was wonderful. I promised him I wouldn't paint so we just spent time together...I got off the wheel. It's funny as soon as we returned on Sunday afternoon I was like a horse in a bit....I went straight to work. Refreshed!

Hi Caroline!
I am reworking these underpainting, the time away showed me the changes necessary. Thanks for the Turner comparison ...I wish!